The Forecast is Looking Up!

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Windows 10

Microsoft is quickly approaching the release date for their latest operating system, Windows 10. This impending release is forcing businesses to consider what new features they get for the risks they are incurring. Microsoft has released a preview of Windows 10 it appears they have addressed a lot of the shortcomings of Windows 8.

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It's all up in the air

The cloud has been an emerging topic for businesses and individuals alike. Small business computing just recognize multiple IT cloud solutions as the top emerging technology trends for small businesses this year. With this move to the cloud, a new focus has been put on security which rounds out the top trending concerns for businesses in 2015.

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Net Neutrality in the News

Net neutrality is a topic near and dear to most IT professionals. Whichever side of eht aisle you fall on, this topic has the abilty to directly affect you. After the mid-term elections, net neutrality is back in the news, as the new Republican congress asks the FCC to be more forthcoming with their plans.

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